Income Tax Strategies & Returns

Goal Setting & Profit Enhancement

Profitability and goal setting are key components in any business. If your tax plan is not optimized to ensure your goals are being met or exceeded, there is a deficiency. Wessel & Company works as your partner to make sure that you have a functioning tax plan in place, created to optimize your goals.

Our experienced team provides comprehensive support to help you set and achieve your goals. With our financial reporting and strategic advice, we can help you operate your business efficiently, build value, and achieve your objectives. Whether you want to retire by a certain age, pass a family business to the next generation, or any other goal, our team can help.

Our Services Include:

  • Business & Individual Support
  • Tax Planning & Risk Analysis at the Federal & State Levels
  • Federal, State & Local Return Preparation
  • Payroll Tax Filings & Sales Tax Returns
  • Estate, Trusts & Beneficiary Taxation
  • Wealth Transfer & Gifting Strategies
  • Family Wealth Transfer Strategies
  • Succession, Transition, & Exit Planning
  • Stock Option Strategies
  • Divorce & Support Issues
  • IRS Communications

Second Opinion

How do you know if you are receiving the right tax advice? Let us provide a second opinion. We review your previous returns for missed credits and incentives to examine the potential to defer taxes, recover tax over-payments, or minimize future liability. Our tax return second opinion is done at no-cost.