Managing Your Business Lifecycle

We understand the business lifecycle and tailor our services to meet clients’ evolving needs. Our experience spans from start-ups to established businesses looking to transition. Each stage has unique challenges and opportunities, requiring different strategies and resources. Count on Wessel & Company to provide the guidance and support needed to achieve success at every stage.

What Stage Are You In?

Wessel & Company helps clients identify their stage in the business lifecycle, and offers tailored support to address the unique challenges and opportunities.

Emerging: Start-ups focused on generating profits or fulfilling their mission. We help establish a solid foundation, providing financial support, tax planning, and strategic guidance.

Growth: Companies that survived the start-up stage require more capital, systems, people, and processes to support their expanding operations. We help them manage their growth and optimize their resources.

Maturity: Stable businesses with owners who are not yet ready to exit. We help them balance growth with stability, manage risks, and maximize profitability.

Transition: Organizations need to sell or transition to the next generation. We offer guidance on valuation, tax planning, legal issues, and succession planning.

How Do You Move to the Next Stage?

Most companies gradually transition from one stage to the next. At a certain point, most high-growth companies slow their rapid growth, but still steadily build value. As organizations age, they may get comfortable with their success and consider methods to protect their wealth. Our team can help plan a strategy for each stage you are in, ensuring that you have the resources and support needed to achieve your goals.

Engage an Entrepreneurial CPA Firm

Organizations often outgrow their current CPA firm. If your accountant’s primary focus is on filing tax returns and creating financial statements, they likely cannot provide the strategy necessary to help your company grow or enter a different stage of the business lifecycle. Not all firms can help solve problems nor have the resources or experience to evaluate opportunities and resolve obstacles.

Let Us Construct a Plan with You

At Wessel & Company, we take a proactive approach to working with our clients, providing the strategic guidance, expertise, and support needed to achieve their goals. Whether you are an emerging start-up or an established business looking.